guilin rice noodles (桂林米粉)
by Anna Chan on

gelato messina, darlinghurst
by Anna Chan on

mr crackles, darlinghurst
by Anna Chan on

grand pearl seafood restaurant, canley vale
by Anna Chan on

chur burger, surry hills
by Anna Chan on

cafe balencia, hong kong
by Anna Chan on


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Hi there! My name is Anna. I'm eighteen, in my second year of uni and born in Sydney. This blog is about my gastronomic adventures in Australia and abroad. It all started when my brother bought me a new camera in 2011 (Samsung Ex1). Since then, I've been into taking photos and I realised most of my photos were of food so I decided to document everything on this blog.

I'm still learning to take nice pictures. My camera isn't exactly the greatest but it works.

I'm not particularly picky about the food and I do like trying new things but I generally try to avoid anything with chocolate, bitter melon or eggplant. They don't taste too great.

Anyway, enough about me - thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the blog!