kana express, sydney cbd

when you're on the run whats better to eat than chunks of fried foods on a stick! fast, tasty and convenient. i wasn't hungry enough for lunch so snack time was an excellent choice suggested by someone. we were actually heading to china town to buy some sweet and savoury buns but we passed by pitt street and - fried food on a stick? hey why not! :D

kana express:

hot menu:

what they serve:

ok i dont have any pictures of the food i bought because:
1. my hands were too full to be taking pictures
2. everyone was too busy eating to help me
3. i wanted to eat my rice cakes before they turned soggy because you know.. noone likes that.
4. we were running late.
5. i didnt want to get my camera dirty with oily stains AHAHA

so anyway the chicken and rice cake stick ($3.00) was good, everyone liked it. actually, any rice cake on a stick from this place tasted the good. it had a soft crispy edge and was very chewy (in a good way!) the chicken meat was so tender oh my gosh. and the sauce was jjang!
(best thing ever)
dduk kochi chilli rice cake ($1.50) was a stick with 5 very long and beautiful rice cakes covered in a chilli sauce. had two of these hehehe.
bought 3 rolls of kimbap (korean sushi) to take to our picnic since i hadnt bought any food...
and were gobbled up in 3 seconds! only had 2 pieces... :( but like all sushi (maybe not all..) this was good - nothing outstanding, what you would expect in a typical kimbap roll.
and finally fried sushi ($2.50). this was the most anticipated since noone had tried anything so artery clogging before and this did not disappoint. i had been told not to buy this from old adults because they thought the sushi would not be fresh but the rice is still moist and fresh inside! hehehe everyone.. try this.
friends were in love with the fried fish cake on a stick covered in chilli sauce.
i'll take pictures next time i come here!

Kana Express Food
359 Pitt Street, Sydney
(corner of Pitt Street and Central Street)

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  1. IS EVERYTHING THERE FRIED??? WOOOOW looks so good. I think i'm going to go try it out tomorrow!


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