pepper lunch, sydney cbd

Pepper lunch is a Japanese takeaway chain which serves do it yourself rices and meat! The iron plate heats up in no time and remains hot long enough for you to cook your food.

pepper lunch:
kimchi beef with cheese pepper rice ($11.50):

The kimchi beef was really wel presented and I didn't want to watch someone destroying it. Raw beef surrounds rice which is topped with kimchi and sauce and of course pepper. The cheese makes everything taste all the better.

salmon pepper rice ($11.00):

This was actually pretty good!

"tokusen" rib eye pepper steak ($16.80):

My rib eye steak is the third to come! Some green beans and corn are served in a tiny porcelain cup. It's also conveniently pre-cut into slices to make it easier to eat with chopsticks. It was so tender and the mustard, pepper seasoning was so good!

cut steak & hamburger combo ($13.80):

The steak and patty are topped with mustard, a generous amount of pepper, served with a handful of fresh bean sprouts and a couple of green beans and carrots.

double chicken pepper steak ($11.80):

This chicken was really good too. I think the egg is best for DIY cooking! The meat was so juicy and tender.

The experience was new, very enjoyable and quick - you just have to watch out for the hot plate while you eat.
pepper lunch
537 george street
sydney NSW 2000
t:(02) 9264 3222

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