sunny harbour seafood restaurant, hurstville

Do the owners of Sunny Harbour Seafood Restaurant own Hurstville? There are like 3 other stores named Sunny something! There's also a Sunny Harbour Seafood Restaurant in Auburn which I never ever want to return to ever again. It has no fire exit staircase! Also the windows are barred! What would you do if there was a fire. Someone should tell them. Anyway we were in Blakehurst High School doing our HSC oral for Japanese Extension and decided to celebrate its completion with yum cha!

sunny harbour seafood restaurant:

chive dumplings:
 Not my favourite - I prefer the type with a prawn filling!


har gow:
 chicken feet:
 taro dumplings:
A totally fluffy and crispy melt in the mouth exterior with a taro meat filling inside. I have so many favourites I can't call this a favourite.

scallop siu mai:
Regular siu mai dumplings with scallop and roe.

 zha leung:

rice noodles with beef filling:

ham sui gok:
Footballs or crescent shaped dumplings. I've never ordered this before, under the impression that it was a dessert but it's not! There's a savoury meat filling behind the thick puffy crust. It's nice but very ordinary - wouldn't order it again.

pig's blood jelly:

They were in such huge cubes but still slippery to eat.

century egg congee:

The lady asked if we wanted beef innards and I said yes but she changed her mind and was like this is good! and gave this congee to us. It wasn't anything special..

dou fu fa:

It is quite expensive - $130.00 for 6 people. I guess the staff kind of ignore us since we're not adults.
sunny harbour seafood restaurant
11 crofts avenue
hurstville NSW 2220
t: (02)9585 1633

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