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pol•y•pha•gi•a (noun) 
a. an abnormal desire to consume excessive amounts of food, especially as the result of a neurological disorder
b. an insatiable appetite

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polyphagia ♣ Sydney restaurants

Thursday, May 24, 2012 // 9:03 PM

I wasn't really in the mood to go out to eat.. because one, I have so many assessments coming up, and I'm not very prepared for any of them, two because I'm trying to change my eating habits and become a healthy macho and three.. iIm lazy but since it was the only time for my late birthday gathering with my whole family, I went anyway.


At first glance, the interior is pretty plain, and cramped, and you're pretty much right! If you want to barbeque outside, the waitress will lead you outside to another cramped little courtyard with tables like that at Hanabi only, this time the hot plate where you bbq you're meats are gas fuelled as opposed to coal. Most of the locals sat outside in the back while the non-Koreans sat in the front. We felt a little out of place.

takoyaki ($6.00):

Yes, its a korean restaurant but i love takoyaki okay? And seeing as noone else had tasted them before, why not share my love for takoyaki with others? Once again, everyone thought octopus was alive because of the moving bonito flakes. Japanese mayonnaise tastes so good with takoyaki.

side dishes (banchan):

Today's side dishes were sweetened potato, kimchi, bean sprouts and odeng!

wagyu beef ($22.00), pork belly ($15.00) and ox tongue($18.00):

The pork was VERY fatty - say it was about 5cm in width 3cm of that was fat. The men gobbled it down enjoyed it anyway.

chicken ginseng soup ($20.00):
First time trying chicken ginseng soup so... I didn't know what to expect. the layer on top just tasted like liquified fat. but then after you swish it around a bit, and break apart the chicken, its all good. inside the chicken is glutinous rice, garlic, ginseng and some nuts some dried jujube fruit. Addition of quail eggs was nice.

beef & mixed vegie with rice in a stone pot ($13.00):

black bean noodles ($10.00):

Black bean sauce noodles. The addition of cucumber was really nice; every time you take a slurp of noodles, there would be refreshing watery cucumber in that slurp. The noodles were nice and thick and surprisingly it tasted EXACTLY like that instant noodle i ate HAHAHAHA, wouldn't be surprised if they told me it was made from that packet. oh well either way it was nice !

total: $102.00 (for five people to be somewhat stuffed)
The question is would i come back? Yes only if I was in the area, (because it wasn't SO great that I would want to travel all the way to Strathfield for) and if the other Korean restaurants were all closed. Oh and service was very fast considering it was quite full at the time.
ceci korean restaurant
37 the boulevarde
strathfield NSW 2135
(02)8084 3171

Ceci on Urbanspoon

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012 // 2:06 PM

Oho, Malaysian food. When it comes to Malaysian food, Mamak is pretty much the only Malaysian restaurant people are very familiar with. Today, we deviate from what we'd usually order when food buddies and I eat out at Cabramatta (pho, com tam etc) and decided to try Albee's Kitchen.

shop front:
left: tea tarik ice ($4.00) right: young coconut juice: ($3.50):
They charge 20 cents extra for ice! Teh tarik is kind of like milk tea only less sweet and there's a frothy foamy top. its called  拉茶 in Chinese which probably comes from "pulling the drink". The tea is poured or "pulled" back and forth in a container to give it that frothy top which also cools down the tea and also thoroughly mix the condensed milk in properly. For people who don't like milk tea because of its sweetness, drink this!

pandan chicken ($14.80) and coconut rice ($2.90):

The coconut rice was a disappointment since we were expecting to taste some sort of coconut or at least smell it. It just tasted like plain steamed rice.
The pandan chicken, is a must order! Pieces of chicken are wrapped with a pandan leaf stabbed with a toothpick and then fried! oh so tender meaty chicken. But don't expect a really strong pandan flavour, because you I think the pandan leaves are meant to keep the meat moist - to stop the juices from running out.

hokkian noodles ($10.80):

The noodles arrived and we were given a spoon instead of chopsticks or a fork. Everyone was blank for a few seconds. We tried to pick up noodles with our chopsticks from the plate and then found out the thick noodles are super slippery!(so the spoon is a necessity) It was actually sweeter than what we thought it would be like. Underneath the pile of noodles, there is a handful of tiny deep - fried, brown and cube-shaped things. I'm not sure what it is actually called but it adds flavour and makes the dish smell really nice.

nasi goreng ($10.80):
Nasi goreng is a Malay style fried rice. Bits of mini dried shrimp a long with spring onions and also dry fried onions. this was nice but a bit bland because there were too few prawns and very small amounts of egg. The rice however was fragrant and tasty. A runny egg would have been good with this, should have ordered it (it's 2.50 extra) damn! Actually, we might not have been able to finish it.. so maybe its a good thing after all!

Servings are very generous. One rice or noodle dish was probably be enough for two people so I guess they're reasonable prices - $13.10 pp. The waitress actually giggled at us and said to us "three people? can you finish all this? "
albee's kitchen
2/44 park road
cabramatta, nsw, australia
t: 02 9728 6556
menu click here

Albee's Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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Sunday, May 13, 2012 // 1:27 PM

in our family, it is tradition to order a fruit cake from maria's bakery inn . and by fruit cake i mean a 2 pound durian cake. and this happens everytime someone has a birthday? most people i know would probably get sick of the cake (since this tradition as been happening since.. 2003) i.e my oh so picky dad HAHAHA.so he sneakily gave me 20 bucks to buy him a chocolate and mango mousse cake....but being the nice daughter i am, i only bought one because HE NEEDS TO LOOK AFTER HIS HEALTH /  FOOD INTAKE!! :3 and i got an almond crossaint for myself.

shop front:

i full tried to take photos last time and the lady behind the counter was just like STOP TAKING PHOTOS. so i tried to take some this time.. but failed miserably since they came out blurry and my tongs are blocking out everything... LOL

almond croissant ($3.50):

i'm not a croissant person, not into buttery pastries but this was so good omg :o in fact you couldn't really taste the butter. ok, what happened to healthy eating?? my mum called me while i was picking my dad's cake and was like.. its 1 oclock dont tell me you didn't eat anything... BUY A PASTRY :'( so i had to booohooohoo, everything was either covered in chocolate or coffee flavoured or looked overly sweet. so being the nut lover i am.... yay for almond...croissant :3 and yay for good food discovery! 8D . this is going on my favourites list. HAHAHAHAHAA

mango mousse($5.50):

the mango mousse really tasted like real mango! like.. there were even some sour parts but it felt like i was eating a real mango! only.. blended into mush, cold and there was spongey bottom. i guess the only bad thing about this was that the spongey bottom was a bit too hard.. maybe because it was in the fridge for so long.

raspberry, white chocolate cheese ($5.50):
i watched my brother eat this... inside is a not so sweet but not sour raspberry. the outside tastes like an ordinary not so sweet (which i like!) cheesecake and undeneath the hard looking outer layer is a very soft sponge. the round ball at the top is the white chocolate ball decorated with pink icing! i had a little bit of it and.. it was like the worse white chocolate i have ever tasted in my life. AHAHAHAHAHA. .. it tastes really bitter
from my last experience at hello happy, i think the cakes itself taste night but.. the decorations on top may look pretty and all but they are all deceiving!! it does not taste as good as it looks.
hello happy
22 the boulevarde
strathfield NSW 2135
 (02) 9715 6259

Hello Happy on Urbanspoon

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012 // 4:15 PM

the hurlstone japanese crew's second visit to good old sushi bar hiro! its only a one minute walk from beverly hills trainstation! hohoho, walk up the stairs, turn left walk 20m and you're there! i've finally joined the 17s club... (yay!...) and i'm grateful for all those little surprises i have encountered today!! hehehe an coincidentally.. the japanese "excursion" was scheduled for the 9th of May, so hurrah, i though i could use the birthday special offer. where you show them your ID card and they give you a free entree (if there are only 2-3 people) or a main (4 or more people)! sadly i could not use my birthday special because the conditions were that: it had to be either one day before or after your birthday or the birthday itself AND it can only be used for dinner.. so LUNCH TIME MEALS DON'T COUNT BOOOHOOOHOOO. cold hearted rejection from the waitress when i asked her about it. if only they wrote the conditions on the menu...  oh well, i had a great  time so it doesn't really matter!

shop front:
tonkatsu lunch special ($12:50):
with miso soup, agedashi tofu, sushi, tonkatsu and a bowl of rice

majority of the class ordered the tonkatsu lunch special. and it arrived a lot faster than our takoyaki so, the chinese crew watched on as they drank their miso soup and ate their sushi in envy D: then came the agedashi tofu and finally the tonkatsu and bowl of rice! cannot comment on its taste but it does look tasty!! and noone had any leftovers so its gotta be good food right :3 ... that or, we are such good people, and did not want to offend the chef or waste food (A) :D and so after taking a few photos... our takoyaki finally arrived! hurrah!

takoyaki ($7.40):
baked wheat puff with octopus
HAHAHA the pickled ginger was mistaken for carrots. when the takoyaki arrived, the bonito flakes were shrinking because it came into contact with the mayo and thus caused the seaweed to move HAHAHAHA, they thought the octopus was alive LOL. oh man. :'D good times.but anyway, these balls with octopus inside were so good :'D but.. they there wasn't that much octopus in each ball so if dont happen to bite onto any octopus pieces (since they're so tiny)...  you'd probably be like.. WHERES THE OCTOPUS?!?!

assorted sashimi ($19.30):
with squid, scallop, tuna, salmon and kingfish

it was my first time eating scallop sashimi so my naturally, my chopsticks were drawn to the piece of white glob in front of me. and i promise you it doesn't disappoint! so refreshing omg. the roe on top of the squid was as someone would put it.. "heavenly" and fatty salmon fats were so good AHAHAAHAHAHA. oh and they should change the wasabi ball into something that doesn't look so green tea ice creamy, it tricks people LOL.

karaage udon ($10.30):
deep fried marinated chicken in hot noodle soup

oooh these pieces of beautifully fried chicken smelt like kfc popcorn chicken when they arrived it was so good! tasted better than popcorn chicken though and the udon noodles were also very refreshing! the soup was similar to the one at kibou and they also added kelp in instead of shiitake mushrooms.

yay what a fine day it was! so in the end this takoyaki, udon and sashimi meal was $12.35 pp!
sushi bar hiro
498A king georges road
beverly hills NSW 2209

(02) 9580 8219

Sushi Bar Hiro on Urbanspoon

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Saturday, May 5, 2012 // 6:20 PM

i found a similar store to kana express but in strathfield! :D  my mum dropped me off at strathfield because she was in the area and my train was delayed so i wanted to go get some noggi or something so i went through the ticket barrier with my brother's weekly ticket and turned right! ( should have turned left to noggi!) and so..i saw all these asian people huddled around a little bright shop and so i casually walked past it to see another korean like street food vendor thing! and since i hadn't eaten lunch yet... :3 might as well eat before 4 hour session of tutor begins :(

the food:
chilli rice cake small: $3.00, medium: $5.00, large: $8.00
kimbap: $3.00, chicken stick: $3.00, vegetairan spring roll $1.30, chicken wings: 4 for $4.50, hoddeok: $1.50, hot dog: $4.00

the chilli rice cakes looked really spicy, the lady behind the counter dumped a whole heap of chilli flakes in before serving me :s LOL. there was hoddeok which is a brown sugar syrup filled pancake like thing. sometimes they put different types of nuts inside but i guess its different from city to to city. best eaten in winter! hehehe.

left: fish tofu stick ($2.50), right: fish cake: ($2.50):
the fish cakes were really nice! so warm! usually eat this in hot pot ! so easy to eat - since they're cubedly shaped HAHAHAHA. fish cake... might have been because it was sitting under the heat for so long but the outside wasn't crispy at all :( totally decieving! but its okay! it tasted good :D so yay!

well i dont think there's a huge differnce between kana express and stra um ma ya (does um ma ya mean  OH MY MUM!?) but stra um ma ya doesn't sell the chicken and rice cake stick kana express has! and its not right to say stra um ma ya has more variety because kana express sells things like hashbrowns and they have more combinations of fish cakes and balls.like dimsum! so  yeah! you judge! :D
stra um ma ya
(next to strathfield station)
cnr albert road & the boulevarde
strathfield NSW 2135

m: 0413471250

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// 4:56 PM

hhahahaha coincidentally.. i close friend of mine's mum works here!

shop front:

mini winter melon cake ($0.70):
winter melon sounds interesting

egg tart ($1.20):
ohohoho  the best egg tarts i've encountered .... in australia! nice flaky crust and the inside is so silky and eggy omg. HAHAHAHAHA
tiem banh a one cake shop
195 railway parade (cnr arthur st and railway parade)
sydney nsw 2166
t: 97287796

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