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a. an abnormal desire to consume excessive amounts of food, especially as the result of a neurological disorder
b. an insatiable appetite

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Friday, January 25, 2013 // 12:28 AM

Feel like Malaysian food? Don't want to wait in the never ending lines at Mamak? Go to Malay Village instead! Previously known as More More Cha and located diagonally opposite to Mamak, is the recently changed Malaysian restaurant Malay Village owned by Mamak Village Restaurant Group.

malay village:
Our group of 8 are seated right in font of the roti making window. Probably also because in the dining space inside, there wasn't a big enough space for us to sit at.

roti king twirling roti:
Someone on our table swears he just saw one of the roti masters drop the roti ... and if he did, I hope it doesn't end up on our table. During the meal, pairs of eyes suddenly turn to our direction. Before I get a chance to look behind myself, a huge round piece of dough is thrown over my head to the other side of the table where the roti dough is then caught by his partner. The show goes on for a bit. After the applause, it ends.

murtabak ($12.90):
Classic Malaysian pancake filled with minced beef, egg, cabbage and onions.

penang koay teow ($14.90):
A signature dish from Penang Island. Wok-fried flat rice noodles, with spicy chilli sauce, prawn, egg, chives and crunchy bean-sprouts. I ask the waitress whether the spicy chilli sauce is really chilli or not. She said it wasn't anything at all - and she was right - maybe there was a little tinge at the back of my throat but after a few more bights, you  wouldn't be able to tell anymore. The prawns are really juicy and succulent and noodles aren't bad either!

penang hokkien har mee soup ($13.90):
Combination of yellow noodles and vermicelli in prawn broth, served with seafood, egg and fresh morning glory. Friend was disappointed that she actually had to peel the prawns by herself.

beef rendang ($19.00) and steamed rice ($3.00):
Explosively flavourful, slow-cooked tender beef in nyonya style with rich coconut milk and selective herbs, served with boiled potato

Also managed to taste some roti kaya ($7.50) which is just roti filled with a traditional Malaysian pandan and  coconut jam. If I wasn't so full from my plate of penang koay teow, I would have wanted to try their pandan sago dessert!

Prices aren't exactly low but servings are pretty generous - I think everyone had some sort of trouble finishing their dishes (not because of the taste). So if you're in the City for Mamak and you can't be bothered to wait, this place isn't too bad.
malay village
shop 87, 1 dixon st
sydney, NSW 2000
t: 04 0236 5367
w: http://mamakvillage.com.au/

Malay Village on Urbanspoon

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