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For dessert, we decided to head next door to try n2. I was pretty excited since a lot of friends have mentioned it to me at some point and they have pretty funky flavours.

n2 extreme gelato:
The interior is so modern and nice. Plus the blackboard hand writing an design is nice and simple.

menu board:
The board of ever changing flavours. The selection is small but they have so many unconventional flavours  So many I want to try but money doesn't grow on trees, there is a limit to how much my stomach can hold and my blood sugar concentrations will surely rise.

gelato making process:
The guy pours all the ingredients from the conical flasks into a bowl under the mixer and pours liquid nitrogen (the gassy thing) into the bowl so that it turns into a solid.

sleazy strawberry ($6.00):
Shiraz infused strawberries with milk gelato. I love milk and as expected I loved the milk flavoured gelato. You can really tasted the Shiraz wine in between each spoonful and the slightly sour strawberry specks here and there was really nice.

happy little vegemite ($6.00):
Vegemite and sao crackers in milk gelato. Expected this to taste horrible but I couldn't detect any vegemite flavour at all! It was tasted like solid sweetened milk and weetbix actually. I liked this too! Made me half regret getting such a plain flavour (sleazy strawberry).

sour cream chocolate ($6.00):
Chocolate fan said the chocolate concentration in this was way too high.

Not sure it is worth the $6.00 since it melts so quickly and pretty much turns into a drink. I think it's because nitrogen has such a low boiling point, it evaporates too quickly when exposed to the air so your gelato just melts. (Didn't that sound super smart??).  But I do think it's definitely worth a try. Definitely does have that 'cool' factor that attracts so many people.
n2 extreme gelato
43/1 dixon st
sydney, NSW 2000

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