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pol•y•pha•gi•a (noun) 
a. an abnormal desire to consume excessive amounts of food, especially as the result of a neurological disorder
b. an insatiable appetite

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polyphagia ♣ Sydney restaurants

Friday, March 8, 2013 // 11:32 PM

Friday night and the place was barren. Bad business? I don't think so. Apparently the whole floor was practically booked out by a party so only a couple of tables for the other members of the public were in use. Thank goodness the place had thick or soundproof walls. Didn't want to hear the drumming and upbeat music during such a calm dinner.

golden harvest seafood restaurant:
live oysters ($4.80 ea):
Oysters steamed in ginger and shallot. I wish the soy sauce was a teensy weensy bit sweeter though.

mud crab ($60.00/kg):
Mud crab stir fried in ginger shallot. The crab had tonnes of meat on it and the chef had conveniently pre cracked the shells to make life easier.

On the live seafood menu, you simply choose the type of seafood you want and ask them to either steam in ginger and shallot, stir fry in ginger and shallot, steam boat, stir fry in garlic butter, deep fry it Hong Kong style, deep fry it, marinate with salt and pepper, stir fry in xo sauce or stir fry in black bean sauce. The prices of all items on the menu depend on market price.

king prawn with skin and vermicelli in hotpot ($26.80):
sweet and sour pork with pineapple ($16.80):
Pork was still crispy even after drenched in the sauce. So good!

seafood tofu ($18.80):
Shrimp, scallops and mixed vegetables on steamed egg white. Although it looks and says tofu, underneath everything was egg white.

diced beef in black pepper sauce ($22.80):
salt and pepper white bait ($16.80):
Wish this was crunchier but the garlicky flavour and chilli levels were just right!

steamed chicken with greens ($18.80):

mango pudding flavoured dessert:
This tasted just like mango pudding .. only it was in liquid form. Tasted fine. Fruit platter was also complimentary.

$340.40 for 9 people - a little pricey for a restaurant in this area. At least the service and food was nice. Not sure if they use MSG or not but you could hardly taste it and didn't make you very thirsty. It wasn't as oily as the same dishes at other Chinese restaurants either!
golden harvest seafood restaurant
1/239 canley vale road
canley heights NSW 2166
t: (02) 9728 3338

Golden Harvest Seafood on Urbanspoon

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