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pol•y•pha•gi•a (noun) 
a. an abnormal desire to consume excessive amounts of food, especially as the result of a neurological disorder
b. an insatiable appetite

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polyphagia ♣ Sydney restaurants

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 // 10:36 PM

Had a huge break between lectures today and decided to meet up with two friends for lunch! Being poor uni students, naturally we wanted something cheap so we wandered around Chinatown. After deciding on Malaysian food, we headed towards Nonya but at the traffic lights we noticed that for once, there wasn't a monstrous line at Mamak. We were still feeling super lucky when were immediately taken to be seated.

kari ayam - lunch special ($11):
Classic chicken curry cooked with freshly ground spices and chunky potatoes. I loved the potatoes and the chicken meat was so tender. Sometimes meat in curry can be overcooked and tough but it wasn't like that at all! And they actually serve you a decent portion of rice to go with the curry.

mee goreng ($11.50):
Spicy wok-tossed hokkein noodles with eggs, prawns, fish cake slices and fresh bean sprouts. Although it didn't have that smoky taste to it, it was hot enough (chilli-wise) to make up for it.

nasi goreng ($11.50):
Malaysian style fried rice with spicy sambal, eggs, prawns, french beans, assorted veges, topped with fried shallots. To finish off, we also ordered nasi goreng. Didn't feel like trying anything new and just went with familiar homey food. Once placed on the table, I could already spot flakes of chilli all over  the rice and it smelt really good too.

roti kaya ($7.50):
Roti filled with a traditional spread made from pandan and coconut served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Being well known for good roti, we couldn't leave without trying it so no matter how full we were, we ordered roti kaya. I love pandan and coconut. I don't think I've ever had a bad experience with the combination. Anyway, Mamak is another place we're going to add to our 'places where we must eat through they dessert menu' list.

You'd expect staff to be not-so-friendly because they're so busy and all but actually they're really nice and bubbly! Despite some reviews and people telling me so, I don't think Mamak is overrated at all! The service is quick, it's cheap and portions are more than enough.
15 goulburn st
haymarket NSW 2000
t: (02) 9211 1668
w: http://www.mamak.com.au/

Mamak on Urbanspoon

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